EDA Family Health and Wellness

For Those
who are the
of themselves,
their loved ones,
& their kitchens!


Taking charge of your life!

Who knows you better than you know yourself? Who knows your family better than you? Why do we ignore our 'gut feeling'?

No need to let others take over being in charge of you and your family!

Individualized Care

You are a unique and special individual. 

You know that each person in your family is different in so many ways.

Through a customized approach, tailored to individual needs, the creation of achievable goals that are based on your lifestyle and physicality can be designed. 

At EDA Family Health and Wellness, the tools used will help identify your issues easily and effectively, in a physically non-invasive way.


We have all been through those appointments that take us away from work and family time. Time that just can't be recaptured. The future of healthcare lies in its ability to adapt to the needs of individuals, especially their time. Virtual appointments are here! This enables those with busy schedules, tight deadlines, difficult weather, traffic, distance, or even sickness, the convenience of still having an effective and positive health coaching experience or consultation while eliminating the stress of having to take time off of work or school. 

Easy to Use Dispensary

When we are home sick or taking care of an ill loved one, or working late, who has the time or energy to be going out to the store to get our medicine or healthcare product? Now you can have your healthcare product conveniently delivered to your home! Those who choose to work with us, also receive an additional discount on those items in the dispensary. There are 47 major brands to choose from with hundreds of products, so there will be something for everyone. Even if you aren't working with us, the dispensary is at your disposal.

Food can be your best medicine!

It's something we do everyday! We are even willing to pay others to manage it for us!


We know that when we eat fresh and delicious food we feel great! Why not feel that way everyday?

We have hundreds of recipes to share with you!

Recipes that will help you manage or resolve specific health issues.

Recipes that will just give you a variety of flavours to enjoy.

Recipes that will be tasty and fun for the whole family.

Sauteed Mushrooms

coming soon . . . .

Homemade Ghee

coming soon . . . .

Vibrant Onion Salad

coming soon . . . .

Understanding Traffic Light Eating

coming soon . . . .
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