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Why do you need the help of a Health Coach?

By Eiman Habib

I’m so glad that you have decided to visit me on this website to examine the prospects of how health coaching will make a difference in your life and the lives of those that are integrated with your own. 

There is so much information out there. Sometimes that makes it hard to decide what to implement and what to discard. It is difficult and time-consuming to manage everything else in your life and keep on top of the latest information. It definitely simplifies your life to have me on your side.

I work with you on your journey to health and wellness by using the latest information, research studies, and programs available. Things need to be personalized to your specific needs, and the needs of your family. I will also know where to direct you in case you need other therapeutic help. Health is not a “one size, fits all”. While we all have basic nutritional needs – we all need the appropriate amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc. – different body types and blood types assimilate food in different ways.

We have all heard the analogy of food for our bodies being like fuel in a car. The similarities can be drawn. While gas and diesel are both fuels for vehicles, inputting gas fuel in a diesel engine is disastrous for the vehicle. Vice versa is also true – putting diesel in a gas engine is also disastrous. Even “watering down” your fuel is hazardous to your car.  Also some cars are more sensitive to the amount of octane or additives in the fuel. Sometimes we get better mileage by changing the oil or type of oil depending on the season, flushing out the engine, adding lubricants, changing the tires, or making modifications and adjustments (either seasonally or permanently) that help our vehicles last longer and be enjoyable to travel in.  I think you get the picture.

Food, remedies, phytotherapy, minerals, vitamins, medicine, and even water carry certain messages to our brain, organs, musculoskeletal system, nerves, and body systems. Sometimes those messages get confused, jumbled, or not even heard. Imagine being in a room where there is so much chatter going on, that you can’t even hear yourself think. We have all been in similar situations.

Our bodies and health can run into the same situation. We can’t tackle everything all at once. Our body needs to use its energy wisely and effectively. Imagine electricity running through your house with no on or off switches – with all your appliances, lights, and electronics on: it would make you sick or drive you crazy. You need to take some time and personalize what your need to do for YOU – one step at a time. Learn to prioritize your health – as well as the steps you take to health and wellness.  Your health should be your hobby, not a chore. That way you will enjoy taking care of yourself. No one else lives in your body except you. You are the only one who experiences what your body is going through. It isn’t all in your head – it is also in your body. But what is happening in your body, is reflected in your head. And what is happening in your head, does reflect in your body. Hence your overall health is a merging of the two.

Thankfully, while health and wellness can be individualized, changes can be managed and modified so that they aren’t cumbersome. Your health and wellness is a journey that is definitely worth travelling. I look forward to working with you on that journey.