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In today's market, sometimes the stresses of industries, corporations, even small businesses, accounts for high absenteeism, low morale, lack of enthusiasm, and general workplace malais. Added to the various pressures and stresses at home, creates an environment that is on the verge of breaking down. Everyone is feeling the crunch.

With my Corporate Wellness program, I work to help companies assist their employees to maintain Workplace Wellness. Solutions that will help companies reduce absenteeism and improve productivity with sustainable adjustments. With the rising cost of health care and other challenges that employees face, incorporating wellness strategies into the workplace helps employers and employees alike achieve a more productive work environment.

Topics can be adjusted to suit the needs of most industries. Workshops or weekly classes can be held for employers/employees, as well as in-office learning, informational luncheons, online classes, and individualized programs.

Just knowing that your employer is interested in your well-being creates an environment of co-operation and productivity. This creates a symbiotic relationship that improves the return on investment for both employers and employees. This wellness information is then carried down to the employees families, which in turn helps to create a healthier home environment. A healthier home environment in turn results in less time off from work to take care of family health issues. It is a win-win situation.

Topics can be presented at a lunch-and-learn. Employees can either bring their lunch, or I can arrange for it to be healthfully catered. Topics can vary from how to keep the work environment healthy, how to avoid or minimize the impacts of the flu, what will keep up employee energy, how our nutrition affects our decision-making capabilities -- the possibilities are endless and can be accommodated for each particular industry/sector.