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Need a guest speaker for your upcoming community event, health fair, business luncheon, ladies group, or school field-trip? I provide fun, interactive and educational health and wellness presentations that are both memorable and packed full of practical, affordable tips and advice for adults and/or children of all ages.


Wellness presentations include topics applicable for:



The connection between learning and good nutrition has been proven, however most classrooms and families have yet to experience the full impact good nutrition can have on development, learning, behavior and performance. A diet full of highly processed foods and a lack of daily activity are all contributing to what has been termed “Nutrition Deficit Disorder” by Dr. Bill Sears. Junk food has been proven to cause neurotransmitters in the brain, which pass along information, to function improperly.  Smart foods, however, allow information to be processed correctly and help the child function at their optimal level. L.E.A.N. workshops offer simple, affordable, easy-to-implement tools to make school wellness programs fun, interactive, and engaging for both students, parents, and teachers.



Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, offset health insurance costs and retain your best employees just by offering a quality wellness program! If you are tired of the same old programs you have tried year after year and lack personnel to develop a new program, consider bringing L.E.A.N. presentations or workshops series to your workplace. Affordable, interactive, turn-key programs that can be customized for either small businesses or large corporations. Contact me to be a presenter at your next health fair or to see how a lunch and learn workshop may benefit your business. The resulting impact of these simple, easily understood workshops will reach beyond your employees to include their entire families, leading to lasting success.


Community Groups

Do you wish that there was an simple, convenient, cost-effective way to motivate families to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle? There is! I provide clinically proven presentations, workshops, or lectures that teach customizable, turn-key solutions that families will embrace as they incorporate healthier eating and exercise into their daily lives. I am available to teach to parent groups, organizations, mom’s clubs, Head Start, Day Cares, local government agencies, sports camps and much more! Contact me today to see how our solutions can fill your needs.


Healthcare Facilities

I provide a unique and effective approach to addressing prevention and treatment of nutrition-related diseases and the inactivity of children and families including attention at the earliest stages of the family with prenatal solutions through Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. I can assist physicians and medical centers with the opportunity to become the trusted source for cutting edge obesity and obesity-related illnesses prevention while introducing community members to your facility at the same time. Save time and energy by partnering with myself, a Certified L.E.A.N. Coach, to refer patients to Wellness Presentations or Workshops held in your facility or for one-on-one nutrition consultations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach more patients at once with a tool that is scientifically based and family approved to help establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.